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Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Policy – Revised July 11, 2016

CYSA depends on its volunteers to run the in house and traveling leagues.  Without the support of the parents and the volunteer board members, CYSA would not exist.  Any support parents can give throughout the year is greatly appreciated.

CYSA & Rivals Volunteer Policy:

Volunteer Fees* (if volunteer hours have not been fulfilled):
$100.00 for Chaska In-House Softball League.
$150.00 for Chaska Traveling Softball League.
$150.00 for Rivals
$200.00 total for families with 2 or more daughters in the Chaska Youth Softball Association.

* The volunteer fee will be billed to accounts used for registration on August 31st ONLY if the volunteer hours
have not been fulfilled.

Volunteer Requirements:
Families are required to complete 8 hours of volunteer time – families with 2 or more daughters in the CYSA
and/or Rivals program are required to complete 12 hours of volunteer time per family. 

Your child will not be placed on a team if you do not agree to the volunteer fee billing policy in the registration session.

Volunteer Opportunities:
These volunteer hours are intended to serve the entire CYSA
organization. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available during the season to fulfill your required number of
volunteer hours. Volunteer opportunities will be posted on the CYSA website under the DIBS tab.  DIBS also allows parents to sign-up for events and helps CYSA to keep track of these volunteer hours to cancel volunteer fee charges.

Volunteer hour exemptions (Up to 12 Hours):
• Board Members
• 1 Head Coach/team
• 1 Assistant Coach/team*

* 2nd Assistant Coach will be considered for volunteer hour exemption upon request.

Duties that WILL count toward volunteer hours:
• Travel tournaments
• 18U National Tournament
• In-House Tournament
• Chalking Fields
• Registration table for Travel or In-House tryouts
• Getting equipment ready for the season/end of season

Duties that WILL NOT count toward volunteer hours:
• Helping coach bases
• Keeping the scorebook
• Helping at a practice(s)

Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ: If my child is in In-House or Rec, why do I have to volunteer for a travel tournament, a tournament that my
child is not participating in?

Answer:  Travel tournaments are a large fundraiser for our program. These tournaments bring in income for our entire
program to pay for equipment, field improvements and programs that benefit players at ALL levels and leagues. You can also volunteer at your daughter’s In-House tournament.

FAQ: Why do I have to complete 8 hours?

Answer: Our program has about 200 participants in both the in-house and travel programs. We base our volunteer hours
on CYSA's needs. If our program participants increase we certainly would be able to reduce the commitments.

FAQ:  If I volunteer for Baseball, Hockey, Volleyball or other sports will that count towards Softball?

Answer: No, our organizations are completely separate and run by two different Boards. We may work together, but each organization sets their own fees and requirements for their program.